Luke Slattery



I help companies and entrepreneurs bring real value to their customers by inventing, designing and executing innovative and creative products, services and brands across the digital and physical worlds.


Luke Slattery

Currently, I'm Lead Product Designer at I've worked with some amazing companies including and Subwoofr in wide range of capacities, from concept research, development and design to high fidelity prototyping and production development.

Born and based in Cork, Ireland, I currently study Computer Science at University College Cork and have studied Service Design at University of the Arts London.

I'm a nap enthusiast who will surrender the contents of his wallet for a good coffee and owns far too many pairs of Converse for one man.






Music App – Concept

Music App — Concept

London National Park City

London National Park City — UAL Live Brief

Idaho Cafe

Idaho Café


01. Product & Service Design

Designing products and services with a holistic understanding of users needs and emotions, I find creative solutions that span the physical and digital worlds, shaping user engagement across all touchpoints.

02. UX & UI Design

Using a user-centered approach, I focus on user journey mapping, rigerous testing and my passion for visuals to create intuitive and captivating interfaces. This is where sweating the small stuff really makes the difference.

03. Graphic & Brand Design

I work closely with brands and their founders to refine their creative direction and create visuals that communicate the brand's unique identity and values.

04. Frontend Development

From experimental prototyping to interactive production frontends, I develop fast, clean pre-processed CSS and JavaScript that delivers blazing performance and immersive experiences.