Luke Slattery

Sr. Product Designer

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Research, User Testing, UX & UI Design

Toothpic's goal is to eradicate oral health issues globally by leveraging technology, data and insights to deliver better care, better outcomes and a more personalized experience for patients. Toothpic provides care to 37 million Americans 24/7/365. Toothpic was acquired by quip in 2022

Tasked with a redesign of the Toothpic Assessor Platform to bring in efficiency and usability improvements throughout while updating a legacy interface. A key focus was paid to involving engaged assessor users, who use the platform everyday to deliver care, throughout the research, design and testing process.

I designed an interface and IA that provided for the 2 biggest asks coming from the assessor network, a clearer assessment flow that allowed them to see their progress at a glance and the ability to complete an assessment on mobile. This not only made for happier, more confident assessor users but also led to faster response times for patients.

The first application of the Toothpic Design System, this project served as a real-world production test of the design system's core principles - Clarity, Modularity, Extensibility and Flexibility - with great success!