Luke Slattery

Sr. Product Designer

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Research, User Testing, UX & UI Design

quip's mission is to utilise great design to impact oral health and build good oral care habits through its physical and digital products.

I was tasked with designing a fully integrated directory search and booking solution that reflected the real-world needs and context of both the patients and oral healthcare providers.

Integrating closely with in-office systems and insurance provider infrastructure meant adapting designs and flows to technical requirements while maintaining the highest standards of accessibility across desktop web and mobile in this HIPAA-controlled space.

The varied way in which oral care providers are structured and operate required an IA that allowed individual providers to display solely or as part of any number of multi-provider dental practices.

Rigorous user research interviews and user testing with prototypes with both user types ensured we created the smoothest search and booking experience that truly delivered value on both sides of the interaction.

quips Provider Directory is now connecting patients and healthcare providers across the US, ensuring the best fit for both.