Luke Slattery

Zartis has existed as a brand since 1999. In it's latest incarnation as a world leader in global IT recruitment and employment solutions, the Zartis brand has come to represent innovation and growth for their clients.

With offices in Cork, Madrid, Berlin and London, Zartis is a true global company and required a brand identity to match their global reach.

The redesign involved developing a new, brighter colour palette and selecting modern, yet timeless typefaces for use through out the company's digital and printed materials.

I designed a new logo that would become the core identifier of the Zartis brand. Designed to be versatile and instantly recognisable, the bold three lined Z shape in the newly chosen "Zartis Blue" colour, became the striking new mark of Zartis.

The new brand identity proved an instance hit with all of the staff at the official unveiling in Madrid. The role out of the new identity saw the redesigned logo take centre stage in new Zartis offices in Madrid.